Saturday, November 29, 2014

#Avgeek art you can actually afford

I’m a big fan of art and a big fan of aviation as well. I’m also quite certain that I’m not the only one. As aviation becomes more affordable for humans and more interesting to the mainstream media (possibly also humans, but opinions will differ), the magic of flight and the business of travel touch more and more people every day.

As an increasingly diversified group of people begin to really ‘geek-out’ on aviation, and as firms in the space proliferate, the demand for aviation is really taking off. 

There are a few really capable firms out there (like MotoArt and Fallen Furniture) that are re-purposing decommissioned aircraft parts into stunning pieces of art and furniture, but.... unless you’ve got a FAT STACK of cash or a corporate office to decorate, that stuff is probably outside your budget.

For those of us living within more modest means, offers attractive compositions in the form of framed art prints, posters, coasters, T-Shirts and even sofa cushions.

“We‘ve owned and operated a card and stationery design company called Mango Ink for 9+ years,” says Ryan Miller of 08 Left. “In 2014 we decided to start another website to focus on aviation and travel-themed artwork. 08 Left is a combination of multiple passions: art, design, travel and aviation. Aviation is a form of art. Just think about the boldness, the delicacy, the intricacy and the organization that enables us to see the world. We wanted to create art that would capture some of that.”

Miller says that aviation is for everyone. 

He’s all about high quality product for a fair price. His idea was, and is, to create something that average enthusiasts might actually be able to afford. The main focus of the company’s work thus far is airports: towers, aerial-perspective layouts and stylized codes are among the many designs. Additionally, some very cool options exist that feature various aircraft bits (i.e. noses, windows, turbines, wings) and other flight-inspired presentations boldly shaded and seen from compelling viewpoints.

“It's our style,” says Miller of his bright and uncomplicated, almost 
Warhol-y art. 
Uncluttered. Colorful. 
It's just what we like and it's the only art we can create – art we would want.”

Miller hopes that others will like the concepts at 08 Left as much as he does. I know I think it’s all just fab. The agreeable price-points are meant to allow folks to build a collection…. perhaps displaying the places they’ve been or the destinations they’ve yet to see.

Posters at 08 Left will run you US $22.99 – US 37.99. Art prints range from $49.99 – $74.99 and metal prints come in two sizes as well. If you’re looking for an airport that isn’t part of the existing offering, these guys are happy to make it for you. 

***A note to readers. The background image for this blog is by 08 Left.

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